PMG Companies is an American manufacturer that specializes in product development, brand marketing and much more. Our mission is to provide customers with honest, unprecedented service and the highest quality products available. The company operates out of its 120K square foot corporate headquarters centrally located in Lake Havasu AZ.



The experienced professionals at PMG will bring your idea to life with our state of the art 3D CAD software. Your Idea can become a physical invention sometimes within minutes, thanks to our advanced robotic manufacturing equipment. Our products are designed with special consideration of the needs of our customers, as well as the specialty processes and equipment needed for the manufacturing process. Our designs consider the “whole life” of the product, and we review how the product will perform after years of service.


Through our decades of engineering experience and our advanced robotic manufacturing equipment we design products to last lifetimes with processes that will set us apart from our competitors. We will introduce new concepts or materials for your products as well as making incremental improvements to existing products. Our engineers will share ideas for an improved product or innovating a new, advanced process involving taking your product design or prototype and making it into a manufacturable product. Consider the scale of production (volume), availability of materials (and their cost), production safety, lead times, quality and overall cost.


PMGCOS works exclusively with Knobbe Martens, our trusted patent firm. We can get a patent started before anyone sees even the proto-type through our long standing relationship. Knobbe Martens provides complete patent services that help create and protect your inventions. Their attorneys are unrivaled in the depth of their experience and technical expertise, providing strategic guidance and services that include patent counseling and prosecution, new product clearance and licensing, as well as counsel regarding patent enforcement and the avoidance of possible infringement issues. Knobbe Martens provides unmatched technical background and makes them particularly adept at writing patent applications that accurately capture an invention’s new and novel nature—thus firmly protecting it against later claims. Working in close partnership, their patent attorneys and renowned litigators actively and aggressively represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of proceedings before courts both domestically and internationally, crafting patent strategies that complement and further our clients’ business interests.


We can build your parts with our machines and capabilities: some of our machines include
-Amada Ensis 9K fiber Laser With full robotics automated material tower and parts sorting robot works 24hrs a day
-Amada Ensis 3K fiber Laser With full robotics automated material tower and parts sorting robot 24hrs a day
-Amada two 8 axcess press brake models 1303 we can bend and form one at a time with production quality
-Amada 6014 robotic press brake with conveyor feed parts 24hrs a day
Full Machine shop Vertical 4 mills and 2 Turners
Full Welding and sub-assembly fabrication teams.
In house full production Powder Coating dept
Electrical assembly component and board soldering wire prep and build


120,000 square foot state of the art Manufacturing facility to take your concept into reality all under one roof. Our cad design engineers will work with you to achieve a product that is ready for our machine and fabrication experts to produce an assembly line ready product that will exceed your expectations and be ready to fulfill your most challenging product deadlines.We will optimize the manufacturing processes for safety and efficiency while finalizing a product within strict timelines. Our manufacturing process involves managing production teams, maintaining schedules, safety and environmental hazards as well as troubleshooting production line issues. We a implement strict quality controls and will adhere to a system process. Our team will review quality systems, instruct and supervise staff and develop and carry out quality assurance tests on products to bring you a product you will be proud of.


Custom marketing solutions to meet your company’s branding representation needs for market penetration. Our company is committed to promoting your business through premium, high impact designs that will provide the visual message that sets you apart, tailored to your specific needs, and gets you that second glance. We are attentive to each of our customer's individual and unique needs. Including many artistic ideas you might think impossible to achieve that we strive to bring to life.


We provide full service shipping available daily for freight as well as ground shipping options at our negotiated discounted rates. In addition we also have an integration team on staff to help with any product shipping integrations with systems like Amazon and Ebay. We also design custom reporting tools for your products through our systems which will help identify a breakdown in supply chain to keep your products moving swiftly to hands of your customers.


customer service team Located in Lake Havasu Arizona our on site customer service team is available for you 7 days a week 6am-11pm MST.